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A tree is a beautiful addition to your property, and also protects the environment. But many times it starts getting decayed or sometimes because of its age it starts getting weak. There are some signs which show that the right time has come for the tree removal.  A deal tree in your property may become a home of many wildlife insects or it may fall which can also cause injury to you, your family members, or anyone, or your property.

Why there is a need for tree removal Cocoa FL:

Infection: Sometimes a tree can get infected which can lead to cracks in the tree, or discolored leaves, or the presence of fungi at the base of the trunk. Another sign of infectious tree is the presence of holes done by pests or woodpeckers. All such things produce tons of decay and make the tree weak.

Dead Branches: Dead branches of a tree can fall anytime, thus risking the health and life of people around the tree. In general, if a tree has less than 25 percent of dead branches then it might survive. But if a tree has more than 50 percent dead branches, then it’s time for removal. So, the large branches that are not strong and sturdy must be monitored daily. Also, if you find that all the dead branches are on one side of the tree, then the root of the tree on that particular side is damaged.

Hollow Trunk: Finding a hollow trunk is common in old trees or it may be the result of fungi. The center of the truck is decayed by fungi. A hollow truck poses a threat to the health of a tree. If more than one-third of the branches are hollow, then you can think about tree removal.  Also if a tree starts leaning towards a particular side, then it might have some structural issues that are needed to be fixed at the earliest.

You can also take professional services of tree trimming cocoa FL for tree removal. Never try to climb the ladder to remove dead branches or a tree on your own, a professional arborist can only do it with safety. Tree removal must always be done so that the safety of you and your property is not compromised.

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